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Sodamco Weber supplier Dubai

Tile glue and Tile grouts



The best Tile glue and Tile grouts to buy for your next project. Tile grouts are essentially used to keep the adjoining tiles in place on the wall or the floor. Traditionally, the tiles used to be placed with a coat of white cement to keep them grounded. However, the white cement tends to break easily due to absorbing the water seepage and the bacterial growth that makes it ineffective. This further leads to stained tiles. So, as tile suppliers in Dubai, we offer a selective range of tile grout and tile glue to overcome these challenges.

But before placing the tiles in perfect symmetry, you need to know what options are available in the market. And considering you have only one chance to do this right, you might as well choose from the best range of tile grout.

So, while deciding which tile glue or tile grout is best suited for your need, you must check out the two most common types of grout:







1. Cement-Based Grout


This is one of the most commonly available and easy-to-use varieties in the market. These are highly useful for small tile joints where it acts as a tile to tile adhesive.


2. Epoxy Grout


These tile grouts are more expensive than cement-based, require more labor, and are mainly used in commercial projects. These groups are a two-part mixture, which includes solid and color additives.

Tile glues of all brands

These tile grouts are more expensive than cement-based, require more labor, and are mainly used in commercial projects. These groups are a two-part mixture, which includes solid and color additives. 


Dani Trading, as one of the leading tile glue and adhesive suppliers in Dubai - we provide a whole range of products from global brands of tile adhesive and grout. Some of these are mentioned below:


Top 7 Tile Glues to make your job easy and reliable

Sodamco Weber supplier Dubai
Sodamco Weber Tile Adhesive offers one of the best tile glue in the market


Laying tiles for enhanced finishing of the floors and walls, the tile adhesive is specially formulated from OPC. Sodamco tile adhesive is a ready-mix, created by the selection of fine sand and additives to enhance its essential properties. The Weber tile adhesive is easy to use as the tiles can be directly laid on top of the adhesive layer right after being unboxed. On the other hand, the Sodamco Weber glue for tiles serves as the second most sold-out product from their line of products.

Fosroc is a top choice for tile adhesive

Fosroc is one of the leading names in the construction industry for tile joint adhesive. Their tile adhesives are well suited to bond concrete structural builts. Fosroc’s products are suitable for a whole range of applications. Further, the products also vary depending on the need for adhesives with latex and cement to that of high-end applications like epoxies. As a well-established tile glue and grout supplier, we provide selected, high-quality material from their entire range of products in terms of tile glues.

Dr. Fixit tile adhesive is one of a kind

The only waterproofing expert that you need. Dr.Fixit is one of the well-known tile adhesive brands of Indian origin. Their products are highly efficient in preventing water leakages and seepage. We offer a wide range of products to help you meet all your repairing and waterproofing needs. The tile glue from Dr. Fixit helps to protect the roof from problems, such as dampness and flaking. Furthermore, it keeps the foundation leak-free due to its innovative technology.

Henkel polybit offers the best water-resistant tile adhesive

Henkel polybit provides a varied range of standard and epoxy tile glues. Their water resistant tile glue is highly effective both for indoor and outdoor use. The standard tile glues are crack-resistant and provide colour stability. Whereas the epoxy tile adhesive is not only solvent-free but also chemical-resistant. These products are also best suited for wet surfaces. Along with this, we also supply flexible and super-flexible tile joint adhesives.

Laticrete tile glue has the best bond strength

We are tile adhesive suppliers of Laticrete. The brand provides one of the highly efficient thin-set adhesives. It is made of cement-based powder which when mixed with water forms a quick paste. Their tile glue has high bond strength that helps to fix the tiles in perfect symmetry with ease.

Mapei is well known for its tile glues

Mapei offers several products in its catalogue that fall under the category of tile glues. These products are useful in fixing and bonding various building materials together for high-quality construction finishing. We offer a specialized range of products from their lineup to help you perform professional work at construction sites.

Terraco offers ready-mixed tile adhesives

Terraco offers a full array of high-performance tile adhesives. Further, it provides easy-to-use colored tile glues and other ready-mixed tile adhesives for both wide and narrow joints on construction sites. Their products are easy to apply across tiles, both on the exterior and interior surfaces of the buildings.

Tile Grouts


The Top 3 tile grouts that you can’t ignore



Sodamco Weber supplier Dubai
Sodamco Weber grout is easy to use and highly effective


The Weber joint grout is one of the best-selling products from this brand’s catalogue. If you are in the construction industry, you will be familiar with the Weber tile grout, because the Weber adhesive is one of a kind. These Weber grout provide better bond strength and can be grouted within a day without waiting for the evaporation of the moisture.

Mapei creates colored tile grouts for ceramic tiles

Mapei offers a varied range of colored tile grouts for ceramic tiles and stone materials. These are a premix, non-shrink grout that helps to keep tiles in a particular symmetry without affecting the beauty of the overall appearance of the ceramic tiles or stone materials that are used. It is easy to apply and clean. Besides, it is available in a varied range along with various color palettes to choose from, including - traditional, natural, serene, glamour, etc.

Henkel Polybit offers higher crack resistance tile grouts

These tile grouts are highly resistant to cracks and are 100% color stable. Their products from the tile grout catalogue are designed by keeping both indoor and outdoor requirements in mind. Their epoxy grout is highly suitable for wet areas and excellent for a solvent-free solution. These products are highly recommended for use in heavy to medium duty environments for grouting purposes. It is especially produced to cater to fight moisture, so this water resistant tile grout becomes beneficial for these kinds of corrosive environments.

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