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Power Tools suppliers in Dubai

The 5 essential Power tools brands to consider before making a purchase

Dani trading is one of the leading power tools suppliers Dubai. We offer top-notch power tools from all major brands around the globe. We are also one of the most preferred places for power tools Dubai. Hence, our product portfolio offers cordless drills, saws, routers, hammers, and other tools-related accessories.

These are widely used on the sites of construction by professionals. Furthermore, they are used by amateurs to perform household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, etc. As well as around the house chores such as driving (fasteners), drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting, heating, and many more.

Therefore, these can be classified as either stationary or portable, where portable means hand-held and easy to carry. Considering which portable power tools have an obvious advantage in mobility. However, stationary power tools often have an extra advantage in terms of speed and accuracy. This is why some of the stationary power tools are capable of producing objects with unmatched strength.

Stationary power tools for metalworking are usually called machine tools. The term machine tool is not usually applied to stationary power tools for woodworking.

Although it is commonly known by that name. Whereas in some cases, such as drill presses and bench grinders, the same tool is used for the wood and metalwork.

Dewalt Power Tools Dubai
Bosch Power Tools Dubai
Bosch Power Tools Dubai
Dewalt logo.png

DeWalt is one of the oldest power tools brand in the world

DeWalt is one of the top choices for power tools globally. This is why, as DeWalt power tools supplier, we trust this one of the oldest and well-respected brands around the globe. The brand manufactures hundreds of different tools and equipment, ranging from cordless and corded tools, hand tools to other wood-related equipment. For professionals in the concrete and carpentry industries, it offers the best tools in the market. The brand was first recognized for the invention of portable electric drills and has strengthened its name ever since. We offer anything in terms of power tools as it’s their core focus. Being one of the leading choices for professionals, it offers both - corded and cordless options. They also have a wide variety of batteries like the 12V & 18V for compact tools. As well as 20V and 40V for outdoor equipment.
However, their flex volt technology is what sets them apart, as it powers almost anything!


Stanley for excellence in construction

Since 1843, Stanley has been manufacturing superior quality power tools for various on-site activities. They have set a standard for excellence in the construction industry by helping professionals build, repair, and protect things, as well as places of utmost importance. They have ensured quality over the years to continue a legacy of innovation and strength. As Stanley power tools supplier, we like to offer a varied range of products from their brand to help build a stronger foundation where we are.


Clarke offers the Best After-sales Services and Cost-effective Solutions

As one of the reputed Clarke power tools suppliers, we have a substantial lineup of products in the hand and power tools category, including drills, cut-off saws, impact drivers, and other cutting equipment. Clarke is well known for manufacturing and supplying a vast range of electrical and mechanical equipment. One thing that sets them apart from the other competitors is their after-sales service, including warranty and other services.


Bosch is a familiar name amongst contractors

Bosch is a company of German origin and was founded by Robert Bosch in 1886. Amongst the contractors, the Bosch power tools are one of the most familiar names. As Bosch power tools supplier, we offer products in top categories. This includes - measuring and layout tools, cordless power tools, cordless drills or drivers, along with router tables. As a Bosch dealer in Dubai, we serve contractors who - appreciate the quality, sustainability, and robust performance of these power tools. 
The brand also produces an innovative portfolio of cordless tools. Despite being one of the expensive products available in the market, it’s safe to say it’s worth every penny. Their tools are also well known for flexibility and reliability. In terms of their battery performance, they are one of a kind. As Bosch tools supplier, we can say, the products not only help the pros to do the job but also help them to do it well.


The Power of Makita Tools

As Makita dealers in Dubai, we offer some of the best tools in the market. This brand is also one of the most well-known power tools brands in the world since 1958. Makita power tools are commonly found on construction sites. This is why it further helps the experts in the substantial renovation of building projects. 
We, as Makita suppliers, have a varied selection of tools and equipment in our portfolio. Ranging from a circular saw, hammer drill, impact driver to an angle grinder. Apart from this, we offer other Makita power tools in the UAE which are of high quality and extremely powerful. 
The machines of this caliber can only be appreciated - by true professionals.
The brand also offers a streamlined cordless system, where the tools feature one powerful voltage. Even though Makita initially started by manufacturing planers, they then moved on to making drills followed by all the modern products offered today.

Bosch Cordless Drill Dubai

Outstanding performance with Lithium-ion battery powered cordless tools.  

Bosch Circular Saws Dubai

Portable and Stationary power tools for perfection in wood works.

Bosch Tighter Machine Dubai
Drilling / Tighter

Variable speed with high power output for drilling and fastening (tighter machine) purposes. 

Bosch Hammer Machine Dubai
Rotary / Demolition

Heavy Duty, Durable Rotary and Demolition Hammers 

Tile Cutters
Tile Cutters

High power output for tile cutting purposes. 

Hitachi Chopsaws Metal Cutting Dubai
for Metal Cutting

High power output for metal cutting


High power output and high over load capaity. 

Bosch Sanding Machine Dubai

Portable finishing and random orbit sanders.

Makita Router Machine Dubai
Planers / Routers

Wood finishing and deisgning power tools.

Chain Saws Dubai
Chain Saws

Wood finishing and designing power tools.

Makita Nibblers Dubai
Nibblers / Shears

Shear and Nibbler portable power tools

Makita Blowers Dubai

Wood finishing and designing power tools.

Pneumatic Nail Guns Dubai
Pneumatic Nail Guns

Accurate and precise high caliber nailers for a more comfortable use

Heat Guns Dubai
Heat Guns

2000W Heat Gun with Variable heat temperature

Bosch Pressure Washer Dubai
Pressure Washers

Wide range of heavy duty industrial use pressure washers

Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Dubai
Vacuum Cleaner

Wet/Dry Heavy Duty Industrial Use Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch Measuring Lasers Dubai

Laser Distance Measurement Devices

Measuring Lasers
Bosch Leveling Laser Dubai

Multiple direction and multiple point leveling machines

Leveling Laser

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