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We supply an extensive range of UPVC soil and waste drainage products from Terrain brand for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments.  Additionally, we supply hot and cold potable PPR installations for all residential and commercial buildings from brands like Raktherm, Powertherm, Wefatherm and Aquatherm. Dani Trading LLC is a well established plumbing materials supplier Dubai. If you need the right products to accomplish your project needs we have a wide range of plumbing supplies Dubai. As one of the largest distributors of these plumbing products we provide the best in-class products to meet your expert needs. We offer high-quality valves, terrain pipes, high-pressure pipes and everything in between for your plumbing needs. If you want plumbing products that are made to last then look no further.


Terrain Pipes Dubai
Raktherm PPR Pipes Dubai
TERRAIN Pipes for Underground and Above Ground Piping System
Terrain Pipes and Fittings Dubai

Terrain is recognised across the Middle East as being the market leading range of PVC-u soil, waste, ventilation, roof and rainwater drainage systems suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Our systems have been used extensively across the Middle East in some of the most prestigious projects in the region, including the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the World Trade Center in Manama, the Central Market in Abu Dhabi and more recently the Abu Hamour Mall in Doha.


The extreme variation in ambient temperature experienced in the Middle East requires careful consideration. Expansion and contraction occurs in all construction materials, but can easily be controlled with Terrain, through our unique approach and design of fittings. Some of the advantages of using Terrain Pipes are: 


  • Available from 32mm up to 250mm (10”) diameters

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Industry-leading range of both solvent and push fit soil & waste systems

  • Quick and easy installation

  • High-quality finish both externally and internally


RAKTHERM PPR Pipes for Hot and Cold Potable Water
Raktherm pipes and fittings Dubai

Potable installations inside houses, high rise buildings, hotels, hospitals and virtually all types of commercial  and residential buildings. Made from polypropylene, RAKtherm pipes and fittings are extensively used in food and medical industries owing to their ‘harmless and safe’ properties. A random copolymer grade of polypropylene called PP-R 80 was especially developed for engineering applications with certain stringent requirements. PP-R 80 is characterized by excellent physical and chemical properties even at elevated temperatures. Compression strength, elasticity, corrosion, chemical and heat resistance are just some of its properties. The RAKtherm PP-R 80 system has proven its high resilience even at the most extreme conditions. These factors and more, make RAKtherm PP-R 80 the ideal material for the delivery of potable hot and cold water in your home, office or factory.

RAKtherm system components are joined by simple-to-use fusion-welding techniques. Pure and consistent resins of the highest quality, used in the manufacture of our components, ensure reliable and repeatable welding over and over again. No matter where or when, each junction can be joined in merely a few seconds.


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