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At Dani Trading LLC, we understand how important paints are to protect your property and make them look attractive, we offer paints from premium brands. Being the best paint suppliers in Dubai, Dani Trading LLC aims at providing total solutions that not only enhance the appearance of your assets but also make sure that they provide long-lasting durability.


Inspired by technology and designed especially to meet the latest industry standards, the paints that we offer are from superior brands including Jotun Paints in Dubai. Dani Trading LLC is known for supplying top quality products that are apt for all types of use.

How to choose the best paint?


Painting is the best, quick and a cheap option that gives new feel to an old room making it more sellable if you are putting it on the market. There are hundreds of paint options available in the market and they come in different sheens and are available in either oil or latex.


People usually prefer latex paints. It is most commonly preferred Jotun Paints in Dubai. These paints are very convenient to use and they are also easy to clean and offer long lasting durability. Latex paints are also said to be more fade resistant and breathe better than oil paints, as a result, latex paints have less blistering of paint.


Most professionals recommend the use of latex paints for most walls and other household uses. However, oil based paints are highly recommended for priming and trimming wood moldings because oil paints have better capacity to seal stains and knots from wood. However, oil paints take longer to dry when compared to latex paints. Therefore, you need to plan well about the drying time when opting for oil paints. Professionals usually use oil based shellac primer on the trim and then coat it with a latex paint. Among the number of brands available in the market, most of them prefer Jotun paints in Dubai. We supply top class products from Jotun Paints in Dubai.

Jotun Paints in Dubai


Jotun Paints are the most popular in Dubai. They are known for their durability and longevity. Professionals in Dubai prefer Jotun paints as they not only offer protection to your property but they also total solutions to enhance the look and appearance of your beloved assets. Apart from this, Jotun paints also promise long-lasting durability.


Jotun Paints is a renowned name in Dubai paint markets because of it use of paints and coatings that are inspired by technology and designed to meet industry standards. The products of this brand are developed keeping sustainability in mind. Jotun Paints is specially renowned for its premium decorative paints that promise beautiful finishes that are long-lasting, and the specially formulated coatings for corrosion and fouling protection of solid metal substrates as well as passive fire protection of steel. Some of the best Jotun Paints are from Jotun Lady Design, Fenomastic & Jotashield in Dubai.

Jotun Decorative Paints
Jotun Paints Dubai

Premium decorative paints for long-lasting and beautiful finishes. Some major products in decorative segment are listed below:

Jotun Fenomastic Paint Dubai

Fenomastic (Interior Paints)


Dani Trading supplies Jotun Fenomastic Rich Matt, a superior quality emulsion with a beautiful matt finish making colours appear richer, providing the best colour experience. Gives the most accurate colours; what you see in the colour card is what you will get on the wall. Ideal for all indoor spaces, specifically living rooms and bedrooms or other areas with high visibility. We also supply Fenomastic Smooth Silk, a superior quality emulsion with a smooth and silky finish, providing an improved colour experience. Gives the most accurate colours; what you see in the colour card is what you will get on the wall.  Ideal for all indoor spaces, specifically living rooms and bedrooms or other areas with high visibility.

Jotun Jotashield Exterior Paints Dubai

Jotashield (Exterior Paints)

Jotashield ColourLast and Jotashield Colorextreme is a premium quality pure acrylic exterior paint that has a special formulation that provides advanced colour performance. With its superior low dirt pick up technology, it reduces maintenance by offering a longer life cycle.  Additionally, Jotun's new collection of beautiful exterior paints delight all who lay eyes upon your home. Inspired by the history of architectural development in the Middle East, nothing else says ‘stunning’ quite like Jotun's exquisite range of breathtaking colours, designed to make your walls stand out, time after time.

Jotun Paints Lady Design Interior Paint Dubai

Lady Design (Interior Texture)

Discover beautiful textures and our coveted trends for the year ahead. Transform your walls into works of art like never before. Inspired from Natural materials  like concrete and linen, From a bright sparkle to raw stone, the Lady Design range products allows you to add depth and character to your home. 

Jotun Paints Woodshield Interior and Exterior Paint Dubai

Woodshield (Wood Protection)

Woodshield true wood protection by Jotun has been specially formulated to provide flexibility and deep penetration for exterior wooden surfaces. It offers twice the UV protection through hindered amine light stabilizers, which minimises colour fading and protects the wood from cracking, peeling and erosion. A coat of paint lasts for twice as long with its specially formulated pigments that forms a protective barrier in harsh weather, while having a low odour, an easy to clean, fast drying and waterproof surface. Suitable for all exterior wooden surfaces such as doors, trims, frames, trellis, fences, railing, roofs, windows and balconies, Woodshield is available in both high gloss and matt finish.

Jotun Protective Coatings
Jotun Paints Dubai

Coatings for corrosion and fouling protection of metal substrates, floors, steel structures and passive fire protection of stee Some major products in protective segment are listed below: 

Hardtop XP / AS (Polyurethane Coatings)


Jotun Paint Hardtop XP Dubai

Hardtop XP from Jotun Paints Dubai is most popular polyurethane topcoat because it combines high volume solids with very good application properties without compromising the gloss level and retention that can be expected from polyurethanes. Area of use: Marine: topsides, decks and superstructures; Protective: offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings and a wide range of industrial structures. Well suited for application with airless spray

Jotun Jotafloor Epoxy Paint Dubai

Jotafloor Topcoat (Epoxy Flooring)

Jotafloor Topcoat from Jotun Paints Dubai is a high performance, two component, polyamide cured epoxy floor coating. It is easy to apply and available in a range of colours through Jotun’s multicolor industry (MCI) tinting system with excellent gloss and colour retention. It has good chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. If slip resistance is required, Jotafloor Non-Slip Aggregate (fine or medium) can be used in the system. It is used as a topcoat in atmospheric environment. Area of use: Warehouses, garages, workshops, production areas. It has good chemical resistance, Good abrasion resistance and Vast colour choice.

Jotun Marine Paint Dubai

Megayacht / Seaforce (Marine Paints)

Megayacht Imperial from Jotun Paints Dubai is a chemically hydrolysing silyl acrylate antifouling that provides excellent fouling protection and incomparable hull performance. This is achieved through highly predictable and stable self-polishing characteristics reducing hull deterioration, friction and speed loss. Dani Trading supplies other Marine Paints and Coatings from Jotun Paints Dubai like Seaforce, Jotamastic, Tankguard, Non-Stop etc.

Jotun Epoxy Paint Penguard Dubai

Penguard Topcoat (Epoxy Paint)

Penguard Topcoat from Jotun Paints Dubai is a glossy pure epoxy topcoat. It should only be used in situations where there is limited exposure to Ultra Violet light or where cosmetic appearance over a period of time is not important. Penguard Topcoat has excellent chemical & solvent resistance and can be used over any primer in the Penguard range.    Its chemical resistance also makes it a good choice in caustic environments. It makes an excellent topcoat on rendered swimming pools or factory floors.Penguard Topcoat is available in almost any colour. Available in 5 litre (nom) & 20 litre (nom) sizes.




Al Jazeera Paints Dubai


Found in the year 1979, Al-Jazeera Paints is a leading paints company in the Middle East and these paints are extensively used in Dubai. Based in Saudi Arabia, Al Jazeera Paints is a renowned company that manufactures and deploys superior quality paints that are environmentally responsible. Since its inception some 33 years ago, Al Jazeera Paints grew to manufacturing more than 320 thousand tons of excellent quality paints.


With over 500 showrooms in and around UAE, Al-Jazeera Paints in Dubai has also been crowned with the prestigious (LEED) certificate for being an environmentally responsible company. Al-Jazeera Paints has also been awarded with the UL certificate for manufacturing fire resistant paints and it has also garnered the Exova Warringtonfire Laboratories certificate. Al-Jazeera Paints is a well established R & D center that test each and every product that they produce. Dani Trading LLC is the top supplier of Al-Jazeera Paints in Dubai.



Al Jazeera Zero VOC Paints
Al Jazeera Zero VOC Paints

Zero VOC Coatings with US Green Seal Certificate

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