Cements Suppliers in Dubai

Whether you are building a new home, an office or just about any other property, cement is required to lay its foundation. We, at Dani Trading, LLC completely understand this importance of cement in any sort of construction and offer you the best cement in the industry- Ultra Tech cement. We are one the most reputed supplier  of cement in Dubai which help you to build a strong and durable property that you had always dreamt of.


We are amongst the suppliers of Ultra Tech cement in Dubai. This particular brand is one of the most superior of cement brands that is used by most of the architects in the construction field. Ultra Tech cement is known for its quality, strength and other list of parameters that defines the excellence of the cement. Every product offered by Dani Trading, LLC meets the latest industry standards and is ensured of the top grade quality, making it appropriate fo r being used in each and every construction purpose.

Ultratech Cement Dubai

  Dani Trading, LLC is one of the best and reliable Dubai cement supplier that has every kind of cement offered by Ultra Tech that can be employed for a variety of reasons that includes:


  • In mortar for plastering, masonry work, etc.

  • In making drains and pipe joints.

  • For making a structure water tight.

  • In concrete for laying floors and roofs and in the construction of lintels, beams, stairs and pillars.

  • In construction of hard exposed surfaces that requires protection against the destructive agents of the weather such as wind, rain, snow and sun, as well as certain organic or inorganic chemicals.

  • In constructing bridges, culverts, dams, tunnels and other important engineering structures.

  • In preparing the foundations of a building, water tight floors, footpaths etc.


The primary reason for using cement as one of the main construction ingredients is its ability to hold the structure together.

UltraTech cement is a famous brand of cement producers worldwide. It embodies three major attributes including, strength, reliability and innovation that inspires the engineers to stretch their boundaries of creativeness and construct some marvel homes, buildings and structures. Dani Trading is the supplier of Ultratech Cements in UAE that encourages the engineers here too and pave the way to a brand new imagination.


Different types of Ultra Tech cement offered:

Ultra Tech cement is available in different grades and types including OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) in 33, 43, 53 grades and PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement). Dani Trading is a popular cement supplier in Dubai where you can obtain all sorts of Ultra Tech cement on order.


Ordinary Portland cement (OPC 33 Grade)

The Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) 33 Grade is the Ultra Tech cement that is used for every sort of general civil construction works and only used in places that are subjected to normal/mild environmental conditions. It has certain strength limitations due to which it is not much used in construction works where high grade concrete is required. And because of its limited uses, this variety is not generally produced now.   


Ordinary Portland cement (OPC 43 Grade)

The Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) 43 Grade is among the Ultra Tech cement that now has replaced the OPC 43 grade cement and is being used widely for general construction work. this cement type is employed in almost every type of RCC works, various industrial buildings and structures, many commercial as well as residential complexes. It is very rightfully the engineer’s choice and is utilized to build dams, bridges, and other irrigation works. They also use it in constructing highways and runways.


Ordinary Portland cement (OPC 53 Grade)

The Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) 53 Grade is utilized in RCC and pre-stressed concrete of higher grades, instant plugging mortars cement grouts, and in various other construction fields   where initial higher strength is the utmost requirement. This grade of Ultra Tech cement is used for speedy construction and getting a durable concrete. Plus, you can get economic concrete mix designs using this cement type.


Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is an Ultra Tech cement type that has the capability to make the concrete more impermeable and denser when compared to OPC. It has a higher long-term strength and produces less heat of hydration. It also offers greater resistance to the attack of aggressive waters than normal OPC and can be used for all types of construction. The several other advantages of PPC include its resistance to sulfate and chloride attack, alkali silica reaction and a reduced water demand.

You can get any of the above mentioned Ultra Tech cement in Dubai at Dani Trading LLC at affordable rates and construct your particular structure type.  

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