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Gypsum has always been one of the most popular materials for buildings and construction. These products have been used by several ancient civilizations such as Egypt. Egyptians were known for their art of constructing pyramids using Gypsum mortars. Since then, the significance of gypsum materials for construction has been on the rise, especially because the latest cutting-edge technology has made it possible for gypsum-based products to offer enhanced physical and mechanical properties. As a leading gypsum product supplier in Dubai, we offer other high-quality gypsum materials to meet your basic needs.


At Dani Trading LLC, we provide superior quality Gypsum materials like gypsum ceiling tiles, drywall systems, gypsum boards, ceiling systems. Being one of the most preferred gypsum tiles supplier and gypsum boards supplier, we offer an extensive range of world-class gypsum products. Here's why you should use gypsum products for construction:


Gypsum products for construction


Gypsum is a superior construction material due to its ability to create an extremely comfortable and aesthetic ambience. It is a natural material, completely odourless, and is easily available in nature. Gypsum is a material that possesses a natural mechanism to perfectly balance indoor climate and humidity.


There are a lot of exceptional features of gypsum products that make them perfect for indoor finishing. Gypsum products are environment-friendly and fire-resistant. We offer thermal as well as acoustic insulation.


Gypsum products have a positive impact on health. These products, such as gypsum board ceiling are suitable for regulating indoor climate in order to create a healthy ambience. This is also the reason why there is no surprise in the fact that gypsum products have gained acceptance internationally. Because of their quality of providing quick reliable results, gypsum products have become widespread and are used extensively in both residential as well as administrative buildings.


The numerous functional and aesthetic features of gypsum have made it a leading choice among several other building materials across the globe. Gypsum products are also a popular choice of building material for reduced energy consumption and insulation of indoor spaces.


Advantages of Gypsum


There are several advantages of gypsum. They include:

  • Gypsum is a natural resource that can be produced locally without any need for any outside financing.

  • Production of gypsum materials is very cheap.

  • Gypsum is an excellent binding agent that is very important for construction.

  • Gypsum products are quick to set and need no formwork.

  • Gypsum is a natural material that has excellent fire resistance and heat insulation.

  • Professionals opt for gypsum materials because they provide a superior finish.


However, one and only glitch here is that gypsum is only useful indoors and that too if protected from humidity.


Dani Trading LLC is a top-class gypsum products supplier in Dubai which deals with superior products like Knauf, Boral, Donn, USG and Mada Gypsum. We supply products like:


  • Gypsum tiles

  • Gypsum boards

  • Ceiling tiles

  • Ceiling boards

  • Drywall systems, and

  • Other gypsum products used for construction


One of the most important features of Dani Trading LLC is that the best quality gypsum products are necessary for all types of construction and building work.


For decades, brands like Knauf, USG Boral, Donn, and Mada gypsum have manufactured premium products that surpass global industry standards in building and construction. At Dani Trading LLC, we offer an exclusive range of bestsellers from their product line. Whereas Knauf offers an extensive range of gypsum products for fast and efficient construction of all kinds. To fulfil your need for effective and efficient construction, you can choose from a wide selection of gypsum products from any of these leading brands at our store.


Gypsum Boards
Gypsum Boards supplier in Dubai

Gypsum board is often known as drywall in the construction industry, while some of the other names include - plasterboard and wallboard. As a renowned gypsum board supplier, we offer both standard and high-performance gypsum boards in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements. The board consists of a set gypsum surface with a specially designed paper firmly bonded to the core. These can be used without ceilings, partitions and plaster of walls. These boards are used where no plaster is required. As a gypsum boards supplier, we offer glued wallboard, backing board, core board, fire-resistant, water-resistant, and gypsum form board.

Drywall Systems
Gypsum Stud Track Furring Channels in Dubai

The drywall system consists of various large rigid sheets of finishing material. These drywall metal sections are used in drywall construction that faces the interior walls of dwellings and other buildings. It is a panel that extends between thick sheets of facer and backer paper, used to construct interior walls and ceilings. These high-quality steel panels are available in a wide range of options. These metal panels are easy to install in any interior. These panels reduce load and enhance the flexibility of regular walls, ceilings, and other various partitions.

Ceiling Tiles
Gypsum Ceiling Tiles Dubai

Ceiling tiles play a crucial role in completing the final look of your facility. Gypsum ceiling tiles are used to cover unfinished ceilings. These are built from a mix of minerals that contain fire resistance and anti-microbial properties. Gypsum board ceiling tiles are a perfect choice to cover electrical and plumbing components, reduce maintenance and the cost of cleaning during ceiling construction. This gypsum ceiling is ideal for installation for ease of access where the service is needed. Dani Trading is the most trusted gypsum tiles supplier that also offers superior quality gypsum board ceiling tiles in Dubai.

Ceiling Systems
Gypsum Ceiling System, Cross Tee, Main Tee, Wall Angles supplier in Dubai

We provide a range of ceiling systems with maximum protection and minimum mess. These ceiling systems are easy to install and have excellent noise cancellation properties. With these premium quality ceiling systems, we bring a simple yet effective design into your space to absorb all kinds of external sound that make your place less peaceful.

Other Gypsum Products
Boral Premium Premix Joint Compound supplier in Dubai

Gypsum products are widely used in various types of construction work, such as - cast preparation, impression material, investment material, models, etc. The chemical name of gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate. Its dimensional stability, strength and resistance to abrasion make it a perfect fit for various construction purposes.

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