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Construction Chemicals

Dani Trading LLC is a renowned supplier of building materials in Dubai. We ensure to provide superior quality construction chemicals UAE, while providing all building supplies for various kinds of durable products at pocket-friendly rates. 

Construction chemicals play a vital role in all kinds of construction projects. Construction chemicals are used across a variety of categories, ranging from industrial, residential and commercial projects. Today, the global construction chemical market is growing exponentially due to an increased demand in both the public and the private sectors. This includes an increased demand for roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, etc.

For the urban population it is not just about constructing new buildings or structures but rather demand for better and sustainable builts. And with the latest technological advancements, various types of building construction chemicals have been invented to contribute to the modern construction industry. 

At Dani Trading LLC we offer building construction chemicals that meet international standards for all your projects. These chemicals not only speed up the process, but also provide strength and sustainability to the structures. As the most trusted construction chemicals suppliers, we offer solutions for tile fixing, facade and thermal insulation, technical and concrete repair, waterproofing, plastering mortars, flooring and eco-friendly admixtures for concrete.


Dani Trading supplies several types of construction chemicals for concrete repair, waterproofing, plastering mortar, flooring, tile fixing, façade and thermal insulation.



Weber Sodamco PU Joint Sealant Dubai
Facade & Thermal Insulation

As the major heat loss happens through the walls and facade of the house. It is important to keep it thermally insulated and protective. This kind of facade insulation construction is to reduce the overall heat transfer. 

Dani Trading supplies insulation construction chemicals in Dubai, UAE such as renders for monocouche, decorative mineral and polymeric renders. We also supply External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) with adhesives anchoring and embedding mortars. The ETICS system has the following advantages.


  • Energy-saving

  • Eliminate thermal bridges

  • Prevent the growth of mould

  • Increase summer and winter comfort

  • Easy to apply

Self Leveling Compound Dubai Weber Sodamco
Self Leveling Compound

Dani Trading supplies self leveling floor compound from Sodamco-Weber which helps to level floors prior to the installation of ceramic tile, natural stone, resilient flooring, carpet, wood and other floor coverings. In fact, the  Weber self leveling products are quick-setting compounds that can be applied in one pour and seeks its own level in minutes. A self leveling floor compound is a chemical mixture used to smooth uneven concrete or wooden floors. It is very important to have an even-surfaced floor when planning to place ceramic tiles or any other floorings because uneven surfaces can cause the tiles to crack. The main advantages of using self leveling compound are - the ease of application, quick drying capability, smooth finish which subsequently result in saving the money for the customers. The self leveling floor compound that we offer is the Weber floor smooth FD which comes in a 23kg bag, produced by Sodamco-Weber Dubai.

Concrete Repair Chemicals Weber Sodamco Dubai
Technical & Concrete Repair

Dani Trading supplies building construction chemicals in Dubai, UAE. These concrete chemicals are used for concrete repairs such as smoothening, grouting and bedding, anchoring and bedding. The products include both cementitious and epoxy based mortars and grouts. Dani Trading offers a comprehensive range of technical concrete chemicals repair and remediation solutions, meeting and exceeding industry standards. Some of the key products we supply are weberep 331TX, weberep 360FFR etc.

Plastering Mortars Weber Sodamco Dubai

Plastering Mortars


Dani Trading supplies premium quality construction chemical products with premixed plastering mortars, for less wastage, fast and easy application. Our mortar ranges include premixed mounting mortars, premixed rush coats, pre-mixed plasters and premixed finishing putties. Using premixed mortars ensures minimal variation in quality for the entire scope of work. Moreover, there is control over wastage and the mixtures are easy to apply. 



Concrete Admixtures Sodamco Weber Dubai
Concrete Admixtures

Dani Trading offers a wide range of high performing concrete repair chemicals. These admixtures for concrete are used for ready-mix and precast applications. Some of the concrete repair chemicals admixtures we supply include Plasticizers, superplasticizers, retarders, accelerators, anti-freeze agents and waterproofing admixtures that enhance the properties of concrete. Additionally, we also supply SBR and PVA based admixtures that enhance the properties of fresh mortar.

Brands that we serve

Sodamco Weber Dubai, Weber Dubai, Sodamco Dubai

Sodamco, Weber


As one of the leading Weber construction chemicals suppliers, we offer a wide range of the best-selling products from their catalogue. In addition to concrete repair solutions, we also supply Weber self leveling compounds and Weber construction chemicals. Our products are suitable for a variety of projects, while providing quality products at competitive prices. The Weber self leveling system is used to create a level area, fix joints and cracks.


Henkel Polybit

The construction chemical products from Henkel Polybit high impact resistance against abrasion and chemicals. As a well known supplier for construction chemicals UAE, we provide quality at its best. These products are excellent crack resistant as well as create smooth level surfaces to be worked on. These high performance products ensure the proper attribute of mechanical strength to any structure under construction.


The concrete repair chemicals offered by Fosroc are not only reliable but can also help prolong the life of the original structures made. They also offer an unparalleled range of the leading flooring products that consist of complete flooring solutions. Right from design to construction and finally installation. This further modifies and improves the surface levels.


Laticrete firmly believes in ‘Better Concrete. Better World.’ This is why their products are one of a kind when it comes to concrete chemicals. Their products improve the long-term durability and performance of concrete surfaces. The product quality also ensures that the other chemicals work together to create a safe and easy to maintain floor.


These products are manufactured with a global vision for a global market. Their product line offers a complete range of categories including - Admixtures for concrete, flooring solutions for long-lasting surfaces. These products are created after a thorough research to provide the best possible solutions to every customer with specific challenges while constructing.


Terraco is well-known for manufacturing products made only with the quality raw materials after going through several testing positions. Their area of expertise is to continuously develop products with breakthrough technologies to create a value chain in the construction industry.

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