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Mapei Construction Chemicals



Dani Trading LLC has evolved as a leading supplier of all types of construction chemicals in the UAE. We supply high-quality and environmentally-friendly products across the UAE.

To meet the increasing demand for all kinds of construction supplies and materials, we at Dani Trading LLC have built a well-stocked warehouse loaded with all types of building materials and construction supplies to meet the global quality standards. Our vision is to provide the top construction chemicals in UAE, that offers high performance and durability with improved resistance.

Hence, Dani trading is your reliable partner for superior construction material supply anywhere on-time. We are a well known Mapei Construction chemicals supplier that delivers quality products at competitive prices.

MAPEI is a leading brand in the field of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for building. With over 80 years of excellence, passion for innovation and technological research - Mapei's exceptional service is what sets them apart. As Mapei construction chemicals supplier we offer products from the world leader in adhesives, sealants and other building industry materials. 

Mapei construction chemicals work wonders in terms of premium quality in the field of effective construction. They have contributed in constructing the most reliable structures of the future. Be it homes or commercial space, these products are formulated with sustainability in mind. In addition, these products have been well-researched before development. Dani Trading LLC, as a Mapei products supplier provides the best-selling products from the latest product line. 

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Mapei Ultracolor Plus

High-performance, anti-efflorescence, quick-setting and drying polymer-modified mortar with water-repellent DropEffect and mould-resistant BioBlock technology for grouting joints up to 20 mm wide.

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Mapei Primer G

Treating gypsum or anhydrite surfaces prior to installing ceramic tiles and stone material with cementitious adhesives or levelling. The surfaces to be treated must be clean and porous.

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Mapei Keraflex

High-performance cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time for ceramic and stone tiles.

Mapei Ultraplan

Self-levelling, ultra quick-hardening smoothing compound for thicknesses from 1 to 10 mm.

Mapei Waterproof:

Mapei is a pioneer name in waterproofing, the one that provides a wide range of specific, safe and long-lasting products. With expert customer service and lasting effectiveness - Mapei waterproof products offer the ultimate solution for the areas that come in contact with water. The main problem encountered in most of the construction projects is that of infiltrations in areas such as second pours, underground structures, terrace & roofs. So, if you are looking for superior waterproofing products, we've got you covered. This product line is versatile enough to be used across sectors from large-scale infrastructures to residential use. Hence, these waterproof solutions are specially designed to guarantee both safety and flexibility to create a protective space.

The waterproofing done right at the time of construction can save 4x the cost. With an extensive range of products we cater to different construction requirements for both residential & commercial use. As a Mapei waterproof products supplier, we have an edge in providing global products to ensure the extended wall protection. Waterproofing is an integral part of any construction activity.

 Mapei Self Levelling compound & Mapei Flooring Products:

Mapei offers a wide range of solutions for wood, sports and other kinds of floor covering installation systems to build a safe space for all. This Mapei self-levelling compound and Mapei flooring products are extremely effective and efficient. These products are engineered after an extensive research and development, formulated to be versatile, reliable and of great variety. 

These products are formulated by MAPEI’s expert technical experience in sports construction materials and by our outstanding warranties.  Mapei is world renowned for their innovative and cutting edge technology in self-levelling compound and flooring installation products.

Mapei Tile Glue & Adhesive:

Mapei Premium Tile Adhesive is a special type of glue used to fix tiles all around the home - on walls and floors. Choose from an extensive range of Mapei Tile Glue products that are one of a kind in durability and performance. These products included in the catalogue are useful in giving finishing touches to construction projects of all kinds.

As a leading seller of construction materials and Mapei Tile Glue products supplier, we offer a wide range of Mapei products including tile adhesive for walls, floors and swimming pools.

With our range of tile adhesives from Mapei and Mapei glue, you can perform professional quality work with ease. Their products are technologically advanced, easy to use, water resistant, durable and efficient. Every product is versatile enough to be used for both internal & external applications. Being a premium Mapei tile adhesive products supplier, we offer a specialised range of products from their line-up to help experts perform professional work at all construction sites.

Mapei construction chemicals

Mapei construction chemicals are created with a global vision for a global market that is available locally. Their product line offers a complete range of categories including - Admixtures for concrete, flooring solutions for long-lasting surfaces. Dani Trading also supplies self levelling floor compounds from global brands like - Sodamco-Weber, Mapei, and many more which helps to level floors prior to the installation of ceramic tile, natural stone, resilient flooring, carpet, wood and other floor coverings.

Every product is manufactured post a complete quality-check in performance and durability. After thorough research these Mapei products are created to provide the best construction chemical solutions to every customer with specific challenges on any kind of projects.

To request a catalogue or for any enquires you may have, please fill in the following contact form and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours:

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