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Electrical Item suppliers in Dubai


Dani Trading LLC, is a renowned electrical item supplier of building materials in Dubai. We are also one of the most preferred electrical items suppliers in UAE. As electrical materials suppliers, we ensure to provide superior quality products at pocket friendly rates. From cement to paints to gypsum products, we are a one-stop store for every kind of requirement in your construction purpose. We are amongst the top electrical items suppliers in Dubai. As your go-to electrical supplier in Dubai, we offer a wide range of essential electrical supplies required for the construction purposes.

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The electrical products that we supply include :

Electrical cables:

Cables are extremely crucial in any industry. Recommended as one of the most trusted names in electrical items suppliers in Dubai by professionals, we offer a wide range of protective cables. Also, considered amongst the top electrical cables suppliers in Dubai, Dani Trading LLC provides different types of cables and wires that are used for constructing a building. You can choose from single-conductor cables as well as multi-conductor cables that find application in different circumstances. As a one-stop electrical cable suppliers in Dubai, we offer copper cables that are widely used. This kind of electrical cable finds its way in a number of industrial segments such as mining, electronics, transportation, and telecommunication. The major properties that make copper wires to be the most preferred cable types include the ductility, flexibility and their light-weightiness. As electrical cable suppliers in UAE, Dani Trading LLC offers 100% copper cables from top brands like DUCAB, and many others.

PVC and GI Conduits: 

Conduit is one of the most important electrical items that are available in different  styles and are used to hold and run electrical wiring in exposed locations in and around the residential or commercial building. For underground and wet location applications, a PVC conduit is often used. GI or Galvanized Iron Conduit Pipes are strong and durable and are used in different commercial and industrial construction. Here, you can get these products from the top manufacturers, at highly competitive prices. Dani Trading LLC, is your go-to electrical items suppliers in Dubai.

Floor Boxes:

The floor boxes have recently grown in demand especially by homeowners because of the aesthetic qualities. These can easily and smoothly fit in with the floor and provide a better access to electrical supply. Whether you are looking for floor boxes for your home or office, or a fashionable way to install a countertop receptacle. You can find many electrical items suppliers in Dubai, but only Dani Trading LLC, offers different styles and designs from top

Ventilation fans:

The ventilation fans or exhaust fans are employed in residential and even offices to improve production and living conditions of a space. It is used for health and safety reasons as well as to create an appropriate air environment. These fans are built from simple to stylish ways and available in a variety of sizes. Being the electrical item suppliers in Dubai, we at Dani Trading offer you every type of ventilation Fans from the leading manufacturers here.

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LED Panels: 

As LED lighting has been widely used because of its amazing power saving capabilities, we offer a wide range of LED products. Being one of the most trusted electrical items suppliers in Dubai, we provide LED panel lights that are fairly new to the market and are notably gaining popularity. This is mainly because of their sleek looks, flexible designs and innovative features. Unlike LED lights, these make use of somewhat different technology. You get the best quality of the light, as it makes use of optical material – LED guide plate. Dani Trading is an electrical item supplier in Dubai that offers you different styles and designs of LED panel lighting to choose from.

Fire Cables:

 Fire resistant cables are often used to maintain circuit integrity of those vital life safety systems such as fire alarm and suppression services. We, as leading electrical items suppliers in Dubai offer you the different types and standards of fire cables from popular brand names including DUCAB, Decoduct etc. Because of the relatively low cost, fire retardant cables are widely used as fire survival cables in many applications. You can also avail new and improved versions of fire cables at our store that not only create further fire resistance, but also are easy to handle and easy to install.


In order to control the flow of a residential or commercial building and prevent any electrical accidents from happening, MCBs, ELCBs, and MCCBs are rightfully used. We, at Dani Trading supply all of such circuit boards manufactured by top electrical item makers. Whether you are looking for a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), or Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB), or an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) of any rating or sizing, we have it all. As a renowned electrical items suppliers in Dubai,  you will never run out of quality options Dani Trading LLC.

Switches and Sockets:

We, at Dani Trading offer switches and Sockets for all kinds of uses in a variety of styles from the top brands in the industry.

Cable Trays:

A cable tray system is utilized in commercial and residential sectors to support the cables and wires that are used for power distribution and communication purposes. Commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction, cable trays are especially useful where changes to a wiring system are expected. You can get them in different shapes, sizes and materials. Dani Trading is one of the well-known electrical items suppliers in Dubai that can provide you with any sort of cable trays from some of the top brands ensuring a supreme quality.

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