Tile Glues & Grouts


Tile Adhesives and Water Proof Grouts for your flooring purposes. Fix your tiles with ease and comfort with weber.col and weber.joint range from Weber Sodamco.







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Tile Glues
Weber Sodamco Tile Glue supplier in Dubai

Weber.col fix is a ready-mix cement-based tile adhesive for internal use. It is water resistant, has a strong bonding effect and fix can fix a wide range of ceramic tiles.


Weber.col fix can be used to tile directly onto the following substrates:

  • Concrete

  • Stone walls (cleaned and prepared)

  • Cementitious plaster and renders

  • Gypsum substrates are not advisable.

  • Weber.col fix can be used for tiling in:

    • Bathrooms

    • Regular rooms

Tile Grouts
Weber Sodamco Tile Grouts weber.joint suppliers in Dubai

Weber.joint is a cement-based pre-mixed non-shrink grout, used for filling tile joints in wet and dry areas. It is water resistant, easy to apply, and can be cleaned easily. It is a thixotropic, crack-free, non-slump grout that only needs to be mixed with water. It is also available in a wide range of attractive colors (please consult our color chart board).

Weber Sodamco Tile Grouts Colors weber.joint